Gwinnett County Public Schools

Safeguarding GCPS Data User Agreement

Please keep information provided through the Parent Portal private and confidential. By accepting this agreement, you agree to keep data from the Portal private and confidential. School system data accessed through the Parent Portal is provided by Gwinnett County Public Schools. This information is private and intended to support your child's education.

In compliance with School Board Policy EBC: Data Access and Security, data provided through the Parent Portal is sensitive information and covered under privacy laws. Access to private data is authorized only for the use of the student, parent/guardian(s), and appropriate school system staff. It is not intended for distribution.

If you have questions about the data on the Parent Portal or related privacy issues, please contact your child's school for more information. Student information available through the Parent Portal supports teaching and learning. However, access to this information is not a substitute for direct communication with your child's school and teachers.

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